We can provide supplemental training to agencies through our staff
of Active & Retired Law Enforcement Instructors. We also have
specialized Law Enforcement instructors for Firearms, CQC,
Less-Than-Lethal and more.  



















Director of Training
Mr. Hal S. Gindrow


Mr. Gindrow has a resume that spans nearly 5 decades. Vietnam multiple tours, Army National Guard, Philladelphia Police and SWAT, Police / Military Firearms Instructor,  Fire Academy Graduate, FBI Coursework, EMT and Tactical Medic, Licensed Private Investigator, Act 235 Instructor Academic, Skills and Firearms, NRA / LE Firearms Instructor, Pennsylvania State Police Certified Firearms Instructor, International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors-Certified Master Instructor, HR218 / LEOSA Certifier for Retired Law Enforcement National Concealed Carry Permit, Several LTL Instructor Certifications, Police Unit Air National Guard, Too Many credentials and certifications to list, Security Command for several companies with hundreds of Guards and Supervisors reporting throughout an amazing and rewarding career.


Mr. Gindrow is also CEO of a Pennsylvania State Police Certified Lethal Weapons Training Academy. When he is not in the field with his teams, he also consults for numerous State and Local Agencies and conducts training and seminars keeping him busy nearly seven days a week 52 weeks a year. As many may know, Mr. Gindrow has appeared on several radio and talk shows speaking on the security and law enforcement profession.

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