Founded by a Pennsylvania Licensed Investigator and managed by a Retired Pennsylvania State Trooper and undercover investigator...we want to help and we don't expect to get rich doing so. Like so many others in Law Enforcement and Protective Services...we do it for the work and the victims and their families. Our team of professionals are here to add resources toward the mission of protecting and helping our fellow citizens.



In order to work with local law enforcement and public safety entities we know we must earn our credibility. That is why our field officers and detectives are held to strict training standards which exceed most police departments. Our armed and unarmed personnel must go through semi-annual qualifications testing and ongoing continuous education programs.Headquartered in Central Pennsylvania we utilize agencies or organizations in other states when necessary. Our personnel are trained to expert level for every tool they employ in the performance of their duties. Our services are no cost to agencies, public safety entities, and victims with limited resources, etc. We are funded primarily through grants, donations and fundraising. As a 501 (c)(3) your donations and contributions are tax deductable.

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